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Topic: Gigasampler LE startup error

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    Gigasampler LE startup error

    hello! i just got gigasampler le with my tascam pci822 card. GSLE won\'t start. it gives my this error every time:
    GS caused an invalid page fault in
    module MFC42.DLL at 0167:5f4040e8.
    EAX=5f4d1b58 CS=0167 EIP=5f4040e8 EFLGS=00010293
    EBX=00454a68 SS=016f ESP=0078fbec EBP=007a18b0
    ECX=00000005 DS=016f ESI=007a2140 FS=01ef
    EDX=007b15e4 ES=016f EDI=0078fc1c GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    83 79 f4 00 7d 0f 83 c1 f4 3b 0d 5c 1b 4d 5f 0f
    Stack dump:
    0000ac44 00454a68 00517001 0078fc1c bff52170 004549c8 bff524e7 5f4d1b58 0078fc48 0051c850 00000001 00513b17 5f4d1b58 bff52170 008b1aa0 bff524e7
    I checked that dll file, and all i know is it\'s a shared file with windows, and my iomega drive, but isn\'t in the GS folder. any one know what\'s up? thanks!

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    Re: Gigasampler LE startup error

    I recently bought the PCI822 card with GSLE , and I\'m having the same exact problem . I couldn\'t even get the drivers for the soundcard to work until I downloaded them off the TASCAM website . Due to this , I\'m thinking it could be a corrupted disc.
    The next question would be ,... Where do we get another copy of GSLE if the disc is corrupted ? TASCAM or NEMESYS?? If it\'s not a corrupted disc , what is the problem ??? How can we solve it ?

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    Re: Gigasampler LE startup error

    I have WIN98(not SE) and Cakewalk Pro 9.03
    with a PCI-822 card as well as a Creative
    Live. My system does everything I want it
    to do, EXCEPT Gigasampler LE crashes at
    startup in MFC42.dll. Nemesys tech support
    tried to help with various suggestions,
    but none worked. So, I was hoping someone
    here has the solution.

    Interestingly enough, if I install LE
    on my wife\'s machine which only has the
    Ensoniq PCI sound in it, it runs!!
    Her computer has the same MFC42.DLL file
    as well as MSVCRT.DLL etc etc.

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