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Topic: Question about Kontakt and RAM

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    Question about Kontakt and RAM

    Hi guys

    Anybody know if there\'s a way to find out how much sampleage is loaded into a group of kontakt players?

    Without having to add every instrument individually, I would like to find out how much RAM is in use. All I know is that I get errors when the available ram is \"low\" (though I can usually load quite a few more instruments after those errors).


    - Junktabulous

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    Re: Question about Kontakt and RAM

    If you\'re on a Windows system, bring up the Task Manager (gotten easily with Ctl-Alt-Delete) and check the \"Performance\" tab. There in the middle right you should see \"Physical Memory )K)\". As you load instruments in GPO (or anything else) you can see the impact that it takes on \"Available\" memory.

    i hope this helps! kev

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    Re: Question about Kontakt and RAM

    Thanks Kevin

    I was hoping there would be a way to do it from within Kontakt. But this works fine.

    - Junken Donuts

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