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Topic: TenCrazy.com MFX Velocity to CC: More GPO controller fun!

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    TenCrazy.com MFX Velocity to CC: More GPO controller fun!

    As most of you know, there is an outboard utility included with GPO called the \"Standard MIDI File Translator\". Essentially, it translates the traditional volume control for notes, namely note velocity, and substitutes it with CC#1 messages, as GPO uses the Mod Wheel (for most instruments) to control volume contour.

    MFX Velocity to CC does the same sort of thing, but as an in-host plugin (including real-time play!). Also, you could map other controllers (like Var1 and Var2 in the GPO player) to certain velocity ranges for other expression techniques you may dream up. Also works in any other synths you might find a use for!

    Load up a standard MIDI file in your MFX-capable host, point the output at GPO, and add the plugin to the MIDI tracks that you want to translate. By default, MFX Velocity to CC defaults to substituting Modulation Wheel (CC#1) messages for velocity over the entire velocity range.

    Change \"Low CC val\" and \"High CC val\" to set the listenable range that you want to be produced, so that it\'s not to loud or soft for your taste. Increase the \"CC Variance\" slider to introduce a little \"jitter\" to the levels for \"human\" error.

    Use \"Low Velocity\" and \"High Velocity\" to set your thresholds. For example, if you want all notes of velocity under 32 to be played with a CC value of 64, then set Low Velocity to 32 and Low CC to 64.

    You can change the \"Controller\" slider to anything you want. Feel free to use Var1 (CC#22) or Var2 (CC#24) as well. In fact, you\'re quite free to have two (or more!) instances of this plug chained in serial, translating two different controllers at once! In this manner, you can control Volume (CC#1) of the whole range, and introduce intonation variance (CC#22) in the high velocity ranges.

    Another little trick is that you can make the Low CC val higher than the High CC val, which will invert the relationship of the velocity/controller mapping (i.e. high velocity == low controller). Combine this with Var2 (CC#24) and you can get timbre variations at only low-levels! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Have fun! Gotta get me some food now: it\'s already 2:30 and I haven\'t eaten yet since I woke up and had it in my head to write this in one sitting! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    - m

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    Re: TenCrazy.com MFX Velocity to CC: More GPO controller fun!


    Thank you for spending the time to create this and share it with the forum.

    I can now record fast moving improvisations with dynamic expression without having to try to coordinate my mod wheel as well.

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    Re: TenCrazy.com MFX Velocity to CC: More GPO controller fun!


    Bravo! You keep outdoing yourself.

    Many have scored and sequenced standard MIDI files and wanted to hear their files played with GPO.One particular 81 year-old GPO User has amassed hundreds of Standard MIDI files of the classics throughout his life and asked if there was a way to play them with GPO. The \"Standard MIDI File Translator\" was specially designed to help convert note velocity volume to CC#! Mod Wheel volume so that it would be possible to use GPO with Standard MIDI files.

    You has taken the next step in ease and usability by effectively making the \"Standard MIDI File Translator\" an MFX Plug-in.

    Thanks again for writing this plug-in and once again helping the GPO community.

    We applaud you Plug-in Maestro!

    Gary Garritan

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