Hello !

I\'m currently redesigning my studio and I need 4 midi port (in and out). I thought buying the midiman midisport 4 x 4 usb but I read here that midi + usb + giga = troubles. Could you explain what\'s the trouble with that combinaison ? Is the trouble come from the presence of such a device or it\'s a latency issus ? Anyway the signal will have to pass trought an application that I wrote to remap controllers and do some other jobs like that (my program that the midi input from the midisport usb and send it back trought the Nemesys Gigastudio midi out port)

Also, does anyone know when the multi client driver for the M Audio Delta 44 will be out ? I will have that device in my studio to output simultaneous Propellerhead Reason on 2 ports and Gigastudio on the 2 others ports.

Thank you !