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Topic: Digi001/Mac users please read.

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    Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Anybody with my setup here? I\'ve got a Digi 001, and a Dual 1ghz G4.

    If so, are you experiencing the same quirk I am with GPO Studio? Everytime I try to switch to the Digidesign Hardware in GPO Studio, it crashes. Every time.

    I\'m curious to know if this happens to anyone else with a similar setup. I\'m also interested to know if anyone with a similar setup DOESN\"T have this problem.

    I would consider similar setups to be a Mac G3 to G5 with either Digi001 or Digi002 audio hardware.

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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Using GPO with Digi002 and XP - No problems what-so-ever.

    Perhaps check DUC?


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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    \"Using GPO with Digi002 and XP\"

    XP, man. Windows. Not the same thing. But thanks for responding.


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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Which version of OS X are you using ??

    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    I\'m running a Digi 002 & Pro Tools on G4 powerbook, 550 mhz, OSX 2.6. No problems. But why are you running GPO Studio and not importing you midi file into the pro tools sequencer?


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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Good question. I\'m running 10.2.6, Jaguar.

    I also have the latest version of Digidesign Coreaudio and it works fine with Pro Tools, Kontact Player, Unity, QuickTime, iTunes, even Windows Media Player. The only thing that crashes when I switch to Digi Audio is the GPO Studio.

    As to Jeff\'s question, that\'s exactly how I\'m using GPO--importing midi into Pro Tools. Truth is, I would rarely use GPO Studio. I\'m just troubleshooting to see if I can help solve this problem or find out if it\'s just something quirky about my setup that causes GPO Studio to crash when switched to Digi Audio.

    When I use the Mac\'s builtin audio, GPO Studio works fine. But the sound is lacking, since my monitors and headphone feeds are all linked to the Digi.

    Specifically, for sound to come through my studio monitors it needs to go through Digi outputs 9&10, the first two ADAT channels. This is where I\'ve got my Apogee D/A patched. Some programs (QuickTime, iTunes) force me to use outputs 1&2, but I can still hear the sound through my headphones by plugging into the headphone out on the Digi 001 itself.

    But when builtin audio is employed, it goes straight to the dinky speaker on the G4.

    My best guess on this is that there\'s some kind of incompatibility with GPO Studio and the Digi 001 specifically. That\'s just a guess, though.

    More and more it\'s looking like I\'m the only one on this forum who uses a Digi 001. And while the Digi 002 is close, it\'s not quite the same.


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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.


    I think the problem is that ProTools has it\'s own proprietary spec and GPO Studio is a host in its own right. ProTools asserts its own drivers and enviroment to interface with its hardware. So there\'s a compatibility problem.

    If you use GPO as an RTAS plug-in in Protools you should be doing well. The main reason to use GPO Studio is 1) if you want to use GPO with notation programs, or 2) If you have two computers and wish to use Garritan Personal Orchestra on your PC Computer while using your sequencer on a second computer.

    If you want to use GPO Studio, as you discovered, you need to use your Mac\'s onboard core audio (i.e don\'t use the protools environment). Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    There is a incompatibilty between GPO Studio and the Protools Core Audio (MAC). My problem is that I have to use Protools for work and would like to (at different times) use Sibelius, monitoring thru the protools I/O (basically using the I/O as a stand alone sound module).
    As I posted some time ago, I found that using MOTU DP with the stand alone GPO works fine AND then Sibelius recognizes GPO and the Digi I/O. It\'s a combersome and ram consuming workaround. SIbelius\'s NI Player works fine with the digi I/O (GPO standalone also works fine with Core Audio even without DP).
    So basically what I\'m asking is that a fix be put on your list of bugs for NI or maybe at some point in the future NI could make their GPO player compatable with Sibelius. I hope not to have to buy another sound card just for GPO Studio/Sibelius.

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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Hi Mxman1.... !

    This is not a problem solely related to inadequate interfacing with Digidesign\'s 001 and DEA because I\'ve got the same symptoms with my Motu gear - it\'s the same situation here: GPO-Studio crashes as soon as the Motu PCI 424 is chosen as the audio output as opposed to internal Mac outputs.

    My setup: Dual 1.25 G4 with 1.25 gigs RAM, OSX.2.6, Motu PCI 424 with 2408mk3 (with the very latest drivers), Sibelius3.11, GPO with Kontakt player, and lots of outboard midi modules, etc...

    The only way to hear a Sibelius3 score play the GPO instruments is through the Mac\'s internal outputs rendering all other instruments such as (Sibelius) Kontakt Silver and my two outboard synths (JV1080, Proteus 2000) useless and obsolete because they are all hooked up to my audio-mixer via the PCI 424. It\'s an either/or situation I guess - I could perhaps re-route the Mac\'s outputs to the mixer as well but never have all the hardware synths playing at once together in real-time with GPO and Kontakt Silver.... now, wouldn\'t that be nice?.... ahh, dreams!

    What a drag! There being so many different players involved it becomes all the harder to pinpoint the real cause for this significant crash, it\'s very unfortunate indeed.

    On the good side GPO works nicely with Motu\'s DP4.1.2 as virtual AU instruments - no problems there interfacing with the PCI 424. Food for thought?

    Hope someday this will be sorted out and Sibelius3 will become a full host for the GPO instruments in all circumstances - there\'s still a long way to go I guess.

    Still baffled by the intensity of all this \"techno\"- lacking the-\"logy\", Alix.

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    Re: Digi001/Mac users please read.

    Everyone having crashes when switching audio interfaces are using 10.2.x, right?

    Recent tests with Bidule have showed up that
    the same chunk of code that used to work fine
    on 10.2/10.3 machines when compiled on a 10.2
    machine can cause crashes on a 10.2 machine (and
    still work perfectly on a 10.3 machine) when
    compiled on a 10.3 machine. The joy of software

    There\'s a bit of code like that when switching
    audio interfaces in GPO Studio. I\'ve changed
    that so it shouldn\'t occur anymore in the
    current beta with record to file and I\'ll
    even recompile the release on 10.2 to be
    even more certain that it works fine
    for 10.2 people.

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