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Topic: Timing problem - Help needed

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    Timing problem - Help needed

    Hi, I just signed up here, because I have this timing problem with GigaStudio.

    I am using Logic on one PC and GS160 on a separate PC(750mHz) Midi and audio for GS is WaMi rack24.

    I just noticed that my drums were dragging. I muted 4 tracks of strings with continous volume control, and the timing was right again. The drums were on port 1 and the strings were on port 2.
    I have isolated the problem to being from what goes into the WaMi to what comes out as audio (meaning: the problem is NOT with my Logic PC).

    All software is newest versions and OS is windows 98se.

    I am making a living on music, and I have great expectations about my new GS setup, so PLEASE give me some hope that this timing problem can be solved.

    Thank you for any feedback

    - Lars D. Terkelsen, Denmark

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    Re: Timing problem - Help needed

    Hey Terkelsen,

    That sounds terrible.

    Have you contacted Egosys or Nemesys?

    You should post this to the Yahoo Gigasampler board as well - Nemesys seems to be better represented there than here these days...

    Please let us know how you go. I hav a similar system, but haven;t been able to test it properly yet.

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