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Topic: What other libraries do you use?

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    What other libraries do you use?

    Don\'t let Gary see this one... hehe

    What other libraries do you guys use with GPO? Are there any that you think blend really nicely with it? Personally, I can\'t get over how well Advanced Orchestra works with GPO. That is, I had AO and it STUNK! (really stunk!) until I got the personal orchestra. I use GPO mainly for rhythm sections (backgrounds, etc.), I use it to flesh stuff out. AO can\'t do that, but what it CAN do is write very expressive leads (plus it has great percussion).

    GPO has found its way into every one of my pieces, but every now and again I use AO with GPO and the results are always pleasing.

    - Junk

    P.S. The link to the demo has been removed!

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    What\'s wrong Junk? GPO not good enough for ya? Huh? What\'s the deal? You forgot about the GPO Boys didn\'t ya? I\'d be looking over that shoulder of yours if I were you. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    I\'m an enthusiastic Garritan-ite! Before I got GPO I got Garritan Orchestral Strings (LITE) for my HALion (as HALion imports GIGA fairly well).

    I also use the Wizoo Platinum 24 Grand Piano and miscellaneous other (minor) HALion libraries at this point.

    [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] kev

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    Originally posted by Junkmonkey:
    Personally, I can\'t get over how well Advanced Orchestra works with GPO. That is, I had AO and it STUNK! (really stunk!) until I got the personal orchestra.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Ouch. Isn\'t that undeservedly harsh? Sure, various libraries have better sounding instruments than AO, but AO has a number of very good instruments for a very reasonable price. True, I think GPO outshines it in many departments at a still lower cost, but AO surely has its place. It may not be the best, but it surely doesn\'t stink!

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    Well, I don\'t have anything yet, but I\'m DEFINETELY going to get Ethno World 2 after getting GPO! You absolutely MUST check out the demo!


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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    Yes, EW2 is on my to-get list. QLRI1 WAS, but I heard they\'re making QLRI2 so I\'m gonna save up for that.

    As for the comments about AO, the library is really weak and synthy. Where it shines is in its solo expressive power and it\'s articulations. You don\'t have much control over rhythmic sections, and if you want one articulation from, say, section violins, you have to import all articulations (or go into the instrument editor and make a new \'instrument\' that is of the desired articulation). Unnecessary use of space for rhythm parts, but VERY awesome for solo parts (that is, keyswitching is awesome!).

    It was difficult to write with it before GPO, but the two of them together continue to impress me. You can get some really nice textures out of em.

    As for the Garritan-ites, I only mention this because I like the libraries so much, I want to let people know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ve done my share of ranting about GPO, it is the best library I\'ve purchased (but that\'s understood \'round these parts).

    - jUnk

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    I love my Symphony of Voices. Lots of good stuff in there. I also look forward to seeing what Gary is coming up with for a choir but with my budget, I\'ll probably stick with what I got for a while.
    I would also love to get the Spectrasonics World Winds. It\'s Ethnic and beautiful from the demos I hear. Oh yeah, and the other 100 I\'d like to have with a few extra PCs and hard drives. I was born with the gearlust gene I\'m afraid.

    Eric W

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    Hey Eric,

    Just wanted to make it a little clearer, the Choir library coming out for GPO is being made by Bela D Media, not by Garritan. Garritan is going to liscence some of the Bela D Library for GPO. Bela D is working very hard on this lib as it is a HUGE lib and I just want to give credit where credit is due...

    Can\'t wait to use the choir inside GPO though, should be exciting to have a solo string quintet with a choir behind them!

    PS: to answer the original question, I have only GPO, GOS and DIVA, so, currently these are the only libs I\'m using.

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    Fewer libraries is probably the way to go.

    Don\'t wanna get stuck reading manuals for the rest of your life. Finding out which note keyswitches to what articulation, for many different instruments, can get very time-consuming. I guess the moral is: take your time, learn your library like any other instrument!

    Thanks for the responses fellas.

    - Junkstrology

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    Re: What other libraries do you use?

    I like an aggressive brass sound every now and then, so I\'m still reaching for SAM brass first for brass sections.

    I use VOTA for the rare occasions I need choirs. Larry Seyer\'s upright bass, and QLB for big-band (might change after the GPO add-on comes out!). Gotta reach outside GPO for synth, pop, and drumset-oriented stuff, too.


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