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Topic: Kontakt not using all voices available

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    Kontakt not using all voices available

    Hey folks,

    I just got the Malmsii piano from Hans up and running in Kontakt. It sounds fantastic! Kontakt says I have 160 voices at my disposal but it won\'t let me use over 128. This can be a bit of a problem at times with the pedal down.

    Does anyone know how to utilize all of them? I have it set on high poly already. Maybe DP steals some of the voices for itself?

    MDD 1.25, OS 9.2.2, 2gb, DP 3.1 etc.


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    Re: Kontakt not using all voices available

    Micheal..try different settings.High poly isnt always the best setting ,sometimes it can make it worse.Go into expert setting and play around..rich

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