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Topic: Presets Jumbled!!!

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    Presets Jumbled!!!

    When I close a project at the end of the day and open it the next, many of my presets have changed. I believe this occurs after I delete some unused instruments to free up space. I save and everything works fine until I reload.

    AAAH! Help. . .I just got screwed on a deadline. . .

    I didn\'t see a reference to this anywhere else, so apologies if it\'s been covered elsewhere.

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Presets Jumbled!!!

    If you are referring to jumbled FX presets then I believe that this is a bug. I get this all the time even during a session.


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    Re: Presets Jumbled!!!

    No, it is the preset numbers for the currently loaded instruments. When I reload a bank, it seems to re-alocate the available numbers from instruments which were deleted to the remaining instruments, thereby screwing up the instrument (preset) assignments in my sequencer.


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    Re: Presets Jumbled!!!

    Maybe I should clarify that it is the patch change numbers that keep changng. Apologies, but I was kinda freaked when I wrote the first post.


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    Re: Presets Jumbled!!!

    GS assigns patch numbers as necessary (to avoid duplicate numbers). Currently, if you delete an unused instrument, any assigned patch numbers change. This will be fixed in the upcoming ver 2.2.

    The way to avoid this problem now is to give all your instruments unique bank/patch numbers.

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