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Topic: Pro Tools and Garritan

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    Pro Tools and Garritan

    Basically i want to be able to use a midi track in Pro Tools to control personal orchestra studio and record the audio(which is coming from the built-in audio controller(my mac g4 speakers)) onto an audio track from pro tools. the midi track works and sound comes out of my speakers fine but i cant get the audio to go through an audio track in PT. Ive spent hours trying all kinds of things...help!!! I need it for my final project!

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    Re: Pro Tools and Garritan

    You get the audio/GPO out signal on the selected audio track but there is no GPO input to select for recording. If you try to record, the VU meter is goes blank. Something tells me that it cannot be done but I will look deeper with Nikki from Digi and she if she has the answer. I am sure Tom H or the G-Man would have an answer as well.

    You could always to bounce to DAT and the bring it back in via SPDIF.

    What system are you using by the way?

    Always cool to chat with PT users. Did you see the new Command8?

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    Re: Pro Tools and Garritan

    Create a midi track. Create an Aux track with GPO as a plug-in on the Aux track. Route the midi track to the GPO input on the Aux track. Create an audio track and bus the Aux output to the audio input.

    This works for me,

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    Re: Pro Tools and Garritan

    Nice! aux and buss.

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    Re: Pro Tools and Garritan

    Wow!!! Thanks for the info Jeff. Although i havent tried your way to do it yet im sure it will work. Ive been working all day on my project in other, inconvenient ways, you might have just saved my life. Thanks for the reply Bela! later...

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    Re: Pro Tools and Garritan

    It Works!!!!!!!! It finally works!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha, im going insane with glee!!!! gleeeeeee!!!!!!!! anyway, thanks for the help guys...

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