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Topic: GIG files cause kernel32 error

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    GIG files cause kernel32 error

    I am having a very difficult time with gigastudio. I keep getting Kernel32 errors on loading. I had several gigabytes of gig files on the hard drive at the time of installation. Upon running gigastudio for the first time it crashes with the kernel32 error. I can run it in diagnostic mode and it seems to load ok and I don\'t see any errors.
    When I remove the gig files and install gigastudio on a fresh install of win98 its fine.
    When I do a \"quick sound\" update with the gigs present it crashes with the kernel32 error. How are the GIG files causeing a kernel32 error?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: GIG files cause kernel32 error

    how do I go abotu finding this bad gig file?

    Should I convert them all to 2.0?


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    Re: GIG files cause kernel32 error

    Greetings; I\'ll bet dollars to donuts you\'ve got a corrupt .Gig on your HDD somewhere...I had the same thing happen to me, and I had a murderous time finding the solution...turned out that the corrupt Gig was one I thought I had erased, but there was a copy of it hiding in my windows/temp directory.

    Good luck & regards

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