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Topic: Possible workaround for Logic 6.3 "Graphic offset bug"

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    Possible workaround for Logic 6.3 "Graphic offset bug"


    I believe I found a workaround for the \"graphic offset bug\" for Logic 6.3 in OS X

    I just follow these steps.

    1. Close out the song first

    2. Quit Logic.

    3. Reboot Logic

    4. I\'ve noticed that when the bug is active, my default song in Logic does not load.If the default song does not load, then select NEW SONG from the file menu.

    5. Once the song loads up, close it immediately and quit out of Logic. (Note: Make sure your default song does not have any active GPO plugins)

    6. Reboot Logic. If your default song boots up, then the bug should be gone.

    Note: I always boot up Logic, then load the song I want to work on. I\'ve always worked this way, so those of your who relocate your current compositions as \"default songs\" may have to set up a second default song with no GPO plugins active.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Possible workaround for Logic 6.3 "Graphic offset bug"


    I\'m curious to know.. has this workaround helped anyone else currently using Logic 6.3.3?


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