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Topic: GPO Studio crashes....

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    GPO Studio crashes....

    Hello everyone!

    First off: my compliments for the \"Spirit\" and the positive vibes shared amongst all on this forum! And a personal \"thanks\" to Mr.Garritan for \"giving\" us all his work of genius - there are very few outstanding individuals such as you in this world, and I believe this should be recognised - may the \"World\" take good care of you Mr. Garritan!

    Just two days ago I\'ve installed GPO on my machine (Macintosh Dual1.25/G4, OSX.2.6, 1.25 gig RAM) and it is running as it should as an Audio-Unit instrument inside it\'s host sequencer Digital Performer 4.1.2. along with Motu\'s 2408 and PCI 424 - there are no problems there as far as I\'ve had a chance to discover.

    However, strictly following the written instructions concerning the configuring of GPO Studio in order to be able to use the GPO instruments in tandem with Sibelius 3.1.1, there seems to be a bottleneck. Why does GPO Studio v1.11 crash when I select my PCI 424 (outs) as opposed to the built-in audio controller (outs) in the GPO \"settings\" menu? This GPO Studio crash occurs before I\'ve even touched or opened Sibelius, and for all distinction I do observe the start up sequence of both applications the way it is recommended in the book: GPO Studio first, Sibelius second - but this crash occurs whilst still in the first phase of \"studio configuration\".... whilst dealing with the \"GPO settings menu\".... Click on PCI-outs and voilà: \"GPO Studio-Crash\"...Hmmm? What now?

    Let me take a step back....

    As a logical consequence Sibelius won\'t reproduce the GPO sounds - However on a good note, I can see the GPO intrument\'s level meters reacting to my playing, but no \"sound\" over the PCI424 outs ( mod-wheel is up) - there is \"sound\" over the \"built-in audio\", the Mac\'s audio outs, no problems there : so where should I look?

    Kontakt Silver, native inside Sibelius3 is doing fine with the PCI 424 outs - Within the Sibelius \"Play/Devices\" window I do see the eight GPO Studio devices numbered 1 -> 8, but in the \"use\" column (what \"use\" column?) I can\'t set the column value to \"yes\" as there happens to be no \"yes\" toggle-switch; all I see is a toggle that reads \"General-Midi\" and when clicked upon a listing of various other midi instruments supported and ready-configured by Sibelius such as Roland, E-mu, Yamaha modules, etc... The Guide\'s description of the Sibelius window in question is not conform to that which I see on my screen - why is that?

    Could or would somebody please help me out on this one? Needless to say that this request is mainly oriented towards individuals who are utilising more or less the same setup as I am: Motu\'s 2408mk3, PCI 424, Sibelius 3.1.1, Mac OSX2.6, and perhaps Digital Performer 4.1.2.....

    Thanks, Peace and Love..... Alix

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    Re: GPO Studio crashes....

    Hi Alix

    I had the same problem with my G4 Mac. I solved the problem by upgrading to OSX.3 Panther. I don\'t know if this will solve your problem but it is a good place to start. I am also using GPO with Sibelius and now it is running smoothly.

    Good Luck
    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: GPO Studio crashes....


    Ira thanks for your reply.

    Upgrading to OSx.3 means that I have to go through all the registering and authorising of all the virtual applications I already have once again... what a costly drag!

    I would have hoped for a simpler solution as it says in all reference manuals that OSX2.6 should be fine for all the applications including GPO and Sibelius3.

    Anyone else have any idea what\'s going on?

    Ira, thanks again but no thanks just right now - though in the end you might be right!

    Cheers, Alix

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    Re: GPO Studio crashes....

    Unforunately the problems with the PCI are probably specific to the sound card drivers and the way GPO Studio interacts with those drivers. My best bet for how to fix the crash would be to update your drivers if possible, though the problem may still remain. This is the first I\'ve heard of incompatibilities with the PCI (it\'s tough to personally confirm more than a few audio cards). Could you send a Private message to me - I\'ll give you my email and ask for you to send the PersonalOrchestra.log file.

    The discepencies of the guide are probably due to taking screenshots from Windows. I should have taken screenshots from both Macintosh and Windows to reduce any possibility for confusion. Nevertheless I believe the instructions are mostly ok regarding Sibelius/Windows - let me know if you see anything wrong and I\'ll make a fix.

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    Re: GPO Studio crashes....

    Hey Jeff! Something must have gone wrong, probably me!

    You mentioned sending you a private message - I did - to the email address mentioned in your profile...marble sound, right?
    Did you get it? Or is there (again) another cryptic way I need to discover on this forum so I may reach you \"privately\"? Haven\'t found it, sorry.

    Alix [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO Studio crashes....

    Found it! There are two messages in your private box Jeff....!


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