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Topic: Editing GPO Mod wheel info in Sonar 3

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    Editing GPO Mod wheel info in Sonar 3

    Sometimes my mod wheel performance are less than perfect. (OK, most of the time) I want to edit the mod wheel data so I can get perfect volume swells.

    I see the data represented on in track view. When I enter piano roll view I don\'t see the data represented anywhere. I\'ve checked under the wheel and control drop down lists and there is nothing. All I get is a \"0\" (zero) displayed. The only info that I can see/edit is velocity information.

    I think it is rather strange that I can see the mod wheel info in track view but Sonar 3 will not let me see or edit in piano roll view. I must be missing something, as usual! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Any help with this would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Editing GPO Mod wheel info in Sonar 3

    I don\'t use Sonar, but in Cubase you can edit the Mod wheel data in the Key Editor mode by simply grabbing the pencil tool and drawing curves all over the place, perhaps try that. I\'m sure you can reach the Key Editor by right-clicking on the track and there should be an option under that menu.

    If not (because I\'m only guessing) hopefully a Cakewalk user can help you out. But, I hope that works for you...

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    Re: Editing GPO Mod wheel info in Sonar 3

    Dave -

    Sonar, for whatever reason, is unable to display a list of controller numbers for GPO, once you enter data into a track.

    All is not lost. Click on the number 0 and change it to 1. If you still cannot see controller data then click on Channel No. and select All Channels.

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    Re: Editing GPO Mod wheel info in Sonar 3

    Wow, why didn\'t I think of that! That works!!!
    I typed in a \"1\" and the data was there.

    Thank you very much!!!!

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