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Topic: Solo Strad Sustain?

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    Solo Strad Sustain?

    I searched the archives, assuming this issue has already been discussed, but I can\'t seem to find any information.

    When sustaining, all of my solo strad patches noticeably stop and reattack the note every 3-4 seconds.

    I assume this is an intentional effort to simulate back and forth bowing (otherwise it\'s a glitch, and I can\'t imagine such a glaring one would have slipped through the cracks). But none of the other solo violins have this, and I know that any decent violin player can switch from up/down bows in a sustain almost imperceptibly. (Besides, bowing changes depend on the volume/attack of the note, whereas it occurs mechanically in these patches, regardless of velocity/mod.

    Any comments on this? To me, the strad sounds are the best of the solo strings, but this makes them far less usable.


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    Re: Solo Strad Sustain?

    I noticed that myself and I think this could be a sample-loop problem???


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    Re: Solo Strad Sustain?

    Originally posted by MalteRathke:
    I noticed that myself and I think this could be a sample-loop problem???

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I have recently noticed this too. I am suprised no one else has commented here on this....

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    Re: Solo Strad Sustain?

    Add me to the list. I noticed this a while back, but figured everyone already knew. That\'s what I get for thinking. I really like the sound of this one too, its a shame.

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    Re: Solo Strad Sustain?


    Actually, there is nothing “simulated” about it for the Strad. What you’re hearing are the actual bow direction changes as played at the original session in New York. Most notes are looped after the third bow change. The Guarnari also has real bow direction changes and is usually looped after the second bow change. The Gagliano is looped during the first bow stroke at the vibrato pulsation – it has no real change of direction. The Guarnari was played with generally less noticeable changes of direction than the Strad. The Gagliano was looped in unrealistic fashion to give a convenient alternative for situations requiring indefinitely held notes without the presence of bow change breaks.

    I’ll take a look on Monday to see if anything can be done to minimize the audibility of the bow changes but I doubt it without making modifications at the sample level.


    P.S. Now that the weekend has started I won’t see any posts until Monday, in case there are any additional comments. My new health regimen eliminates the world of sampling on weekends!

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