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Topic: Finale and Velocity w/GPO

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    Finale and Velocity w/GPO

    Okay, I\'m using Finale 2003. The dynamic settings (mp, mf, f, etc.) are in actuality velocity settings. However, it doesn\'t appear that GPO studio is reflecting these velocity changes. Pianissimo sounds the same as Forte. I also noticed this while using Cakewalk. Is there something else I need to set up in GPO studio to get it to reflect velocities?

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    Re: Finale and Velocity w/GPO

    In GPO volume is managed by modulation. Velocity is managing attack and timbre. Change the text expressions in Finale to manage modulation instead of velocity and everything will be OK


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    Re: Finale and Velocity w/GPO

    Check out the help file for GPO Studio, or the manual section of GPO on GPO Studio. There is a good description of how to use GPO Studio with Finale that should help you with these issues beter than I could do right here. Best wishes

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