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Topic: Torture Test

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    Torture Test

    Since I just managed to get 160 voices with GigaStudio after creating a new boot partition for it, I decided to make a \"torture test\" to see what would effect the polyphony now.

    GigaStudio 160 will now give 160 voices even if:
    USB is enabled, Internet Explorer is running, so many background tasks are running in the background that system resources show only 74% free at boot-up, and on top of that I am printing out a web page at the same time. All of this simultaneously. Without any tweaks. From a drive on ATA33.

    The difference is that GigaStudio has now installed properly. Before, GigaStudio would default to 64 voices in the sampler tab every start-up. Now it defaults to 160.

    There seems to be something going on in the installation of GigaStudio, and the way it interacts with what is already on the drive, that causes the polyphony limitation.

    Hopefully this is of help to know for somebody in a similar situation.


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    Re: Torture Test

    Hans, I\'m very happy for you!

    But... That\'s it?

    After all that research it comes down to a simple reinstall?

    WHat a PITA!

    I wonder if Nemesys can shed some light on this, especially considering the effort you put in.

    Regardless though, congrats on getting a system that runs like a Ferrai finally

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    Re: Torture Test

    That is great news. Did you do a clean
    install with Win98SE or Win98? Di you get these results without doing any tweaks or
    install 98lite, etc.? Did you install GigaStudio160 to your C drive? Are
    your giga instruments on your D or E drive?
    Do you think this was the result of not
    upgrading from GigaSampler to GigaStudio?
    I am about to do the same thing so I am very
    interested in your results.

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    Re: Torture Test

    Thanks, Chadwick.


    I did a clean install of Windows98 from CD. Then I went to Microsofts Windows Update page and updated it to latest revisions.

    I did not do any tweaks other than set my system settings the way they were on my old boot partition, before trying to install GigaStudio:

    Computer role: Network server
    Read ahead optimization: Full
    Disable write behind caching
    Graphics acceleration: Full
    Virtual memory: Max and Min = 2xRAM

    These settings would not give me more than 64 voices using my original boot partition, but neither would any other settings.

    I installed GigaStudio on C:, as Nemesys recommends. On my previous attempts it didn\'t matter which drive,C: or E:, it would still not give full polyphony. My gigs are on F:, G: and H:.

    My GigaStudio CD-set is the one sent out when upgrading from GigaSampler, a year ago.

    My installation procedure was to install GigaStudio 2.0. Then upgrading to v.2.01.36 without opening v.2.0. However, this is not possible at your first attempt of installing, because you have to open GigaStudio 2.0 to register, and registering is required to get the update.

    The install procedure described above did not properly install GigaStudio on my first boot partition, though.

    One other thing that Nemesys recommended, which had no effect on my previous attempts, was to delete the contents of Windows\\Temp\\ between installs.

    To resize existing partitions and create an extra boot partition I used \'Partition Magic\'. This software also includes \'Boot Magic\' which allows you to choose which partition to boot from at start-up.


    [This message has been edited by Hans Adamson (edited 03-27-2001).]

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    Re: Torture Test

    Any particular reason you decided to use
    Win98 instead of Win98SE?

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    Re: Torture Test

    Which latest revisions of Win98 did you install (ie. Large IDE update)?

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    Re: Torture Test


    I already had the CD for Win98, because that\'s what was available when I built my system. So I just used what I had.

    When updating at Microsoft I updated everything available. Most of the time the updates are grouped in \'service packs\'. I did not download things like \'chinese language support\', or games, or \'virtual machines\' etc. Before, I had done this continuously. Now I had to spend a while doing it because some of those updates are so big that you can only update them separately. Go back there a couple of times because one update might be conditional for the next.


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    Re: Torture Test

    I think it is great that you got the full poly. I notice you said that USB didn\'t matter. You have me wondering what might be wrong with mine since USB shuts me down.

    Did you say that you reformatted the hard drive before creating new partitions?


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    Re: Torture Test


    I don\'t know how much disabling/enabling USB matters, but on my system I can still get 160 voices while actually printing out a web page over USB...

    To create a new partition with Partition Magic, you first have to create space for it by resizing other partitions. In the empty space that is created you create a new partition and use the function \'prepare for new operating system\' (or something like that). I guess it is formatting this space when it is creating the new partition. Note: You never have to do any formatting in DOS mode.

    Also, I don\'t mean to say that any system will give full polyphony without tweaks, only that on my system, the limiting factor was not lack of tweaking, burdoned system resources, or hardware limitations.


    [This message has been edited by Hans Adamson (edited 03-27-2001).]

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    Re: Torture Test

    Great news Hans!!

    I think there\'s a lot of people out here interested in quite how you managed to acheive 160.

    Would I be right in saying that you divided your C drive into two partitions, both of which you set to be primary drives. If you had a seperate D drive then your C drive would turn into both a C and an E drive after partitioning.
    Then you did a fresh install of win98 on the C section of your old C drive, and you installed GigaStudio on the new E section of your old C drive.
    Or did you install win98 and GigaStudio on the newly created E section?

    Nevertheless a mamooth acheivement... and am most intrigued to get my head round it.

    I am starting to realise that not every install of windows is the same as the next and that some are better than others... weird.


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