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Topic: For the heck of it...

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    For the heck of it...

    This is an arrangement of a song from a videogame (Conker\'s Bad Fur Day). The song is copyrighted (property of one Robin Beanland, Rare, and Nintendo.) Just thought I\'d share it. It showcases the brass from GPO (actually, everthing is GPO!) I used the muted trumpets, trumpet ensemble, trombone ensemble, bass trombone, bass pizzicato, basses short bows, snare, oboe, bassoons... I think, it\'s been a while. Anyway, it is reverbed (Waves RVerb, and I used Waves Ultramaximizer L1 +, to give it a little kick.) I just had to post this, its funky as heck. This is just for fun. It could probably use work, but I don\'t really care to spend days on a piece that isn\'t mine. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Windy from Conker\'s Bad Fur Day

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    Re: For the heck of it...

    Joseph, ya just couldn\'t wait \'till the jazz band comes out could ya. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] This is a real hoot. Just what I needed at the end of a long day. Great work with that brass. The beat makes ya really want\'a jitterbug.


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    Re: For the heck of it...

    Just great! Not a demo, but a very pleasant piece to hear. Some instruments articulations are well convincing. Mixing is clear and neat. I hardly can wait for another demo.

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    Re: For the heck of it...

    Ba da ba da bump...

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    Re: For the heck of it...


    What a fun piece. It is funky and different.
    Reminds me a litle of Bug music. This is the kind of piece that\'s going to sound great with the jazz/big band set.

    Did you play every part in or use a MIDI file?
    It would be fun to work on this a little more, but the song is copyrighted. Maybe the composer would grant permission.

    Really enjoyed this and it put a little bounce in the day.

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