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Topic: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

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    Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    I am using GPO/Kontakt in SONAR. I cannot get my sustain pedal to perform the \"legato\" function, even though it does \"sustain\" well. I have tried all of the options in the Kontakt Player that came with GPO and none make a difference.
    My next problem is that I can only get two MIDI tracks of GPO to play. When I record a third MIDI track, the second won\'t play, even though on the graphic display it shows MIDI data.
    Also, when I try to load a third instance of GPO, it loads 10 instances at once.
    I love the sounds, particularly the solo violin and the Steinway piano. But, if I can do nothing more than duets, it is effectively useless.

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR


    Do you have version 1.02.008? The sustain pedal should default to the legato function in the latest version. For the midi tracks, make sure you load the instruments sequentially. With Sonar you can get 10 instances with a modern computer. Are you using dry instruments? Also use GPO as a VST in Sonar (instead of a DXi). Finally try adjusting you soundcard settings - make sure it is set to 44.1 and raise the buffers. If this doesn\'t help call or email me and we\'ll see what the problem is and get you running smoothly.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    I downloaded the update at NI. Still doesn\'t work. Normal sustain still works, but legato don\'t. Thanks for your incredibly swift response, but I\'m still having no luck. Shucks.

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    In the GPO Player, press the \"Options\" button (it is under the big \"Load\" button). Then select for the \"Sustain / Sustenuto Pedal Mode\" for the setting to be \"No Sustain / Sustenuto Control, but Midi Controller\". You should then be able to get legato by using the sustain pedal for all your GPO instruments. For an instrument like GPO piano, you may want to temporarily go back to the normal sustain behavior, and then switch back to legato when you are done playing piano. Hope this helps,

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    I\'m not a newbie. Of course, I tried that before I posted.
    I\'m using an Alesis QS6. Could that be the problem?
    Are there any other workarounds?
    Thanks for the help guys, but \"I\'m dyin\' heyah!\"

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR


    First, are you using Kontakt to play the programs instead of the provided Kompakt-based GPO instrument? That was sort of lost in the ensuing questions...

    Second, does using the hold pedal as a sustain controller work for appropriate programs (e.g. piano) in the same player? I\'m not talking about other synths, here: just wondering if your Kontakt/Kompakt player is indeed doing sustain correctly or if it\'s just not recognizing that controller at all (sample program vs player oddness).

    - m

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    I\'m usng the Kontakt Player that came with GPO. And it does sustain the violin samples that I\';m trying to legato.

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    Re: Many GPO/Kontakt problems in SONAR

    If your getting sustain instead of legato mode, then you do not have sustain pedal option set properly. Double check the sustain pedal setting in Options. For legato it needs to be set to the 2nd option down in the list.

    To test legato mode to see if it is working properly do the following. Play a quick run without the sustain pedal down with lighter velocity as to not have too much attack. You should not hear much of the note play as the attack will be slow. Now press the sustain pedal down and play the same run again. You should now hear it play much louder at about the same loudness going from note to note.

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