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Topic: Small GPO Problem

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    Small GPO Problem

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased GPO and I\'m very happy with it.
    Nevertheless, I\'ve a small problem. It sems to be related to the operating system language.
    The problem is the following: when I try to load a samples preset using GPO Studio (File/New option in main GPO Studio window), a dialog pops up telling that the instrument is not found at the specified path. Luckily there is the opportunity to make GPO look for the samples scanning the hard drive. In this way I succeed in loading all the instruments I need... even if this takes a little time (samples may be searched one at time, scanning the hard drive each time).
    The path in which GPO looks for the samples is:

    C:\\Programmi\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\\(GPO nks file)\\(internal link to sample)

    So the path starts with: c:\\Program Files\\(...etc...), and this is the problem. In fact I have an operating system in Italian language, and GPO is installed in c:\\Programmi\\ instead that c:\\Program Files. I checked the rest of the path: this is the only difference.
    So the question is: is there a way to change the path in which GPO Studio looks for the samples?
    I looked for an *.ini file and in registry keys but didn\'t find anything.


    PS I may solve the problem creating the correct path and copying in the sample libraries from the installation path. It\'s ok as a temporary solution, but it\'s not obviously the correct one.

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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    Simple solution: create a directory called Program Files and transfer the entire GPO directory over to it.


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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    Hi Alessandro
    As Rob suggested, you could probably make a copy of the three (big) .nks files to a new \"C:\\Program Files\\Garritan Personal Orchestra\\GPO Library\" directory, ad I think that would work. Unfortunately there\'s a bug in the current version of the Kontakt player that expects to see the nki files in the C:\\Program Files directory, regardless of whether they are there or not. We hope the next update from NI will fix this problem, but for now I think you will be able to make the copy and work around the problem that way.

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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    I have installed mine on E:\\PROGRAMME and I\'m having no probs with it. It\'s unlikely that there\'s a bug, isn\'t it - at least not with german windows? I wouldn\'t create a directory for GPO, usually the used path has to be in a cfg or registry entry and may easily be changed to whereever you installed GPO. I\'m not behind my music-machine, so I cannot check this.


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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    It seems the install directories are stored in windows registry. Make a fast check in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Native Instruments\\GARRITAN PERSONAL ORCHESTRA to see if \"ContentDir\" is actually the directory you installed GPO to

    I have GPO installed in D:\\Garritan Personal Orchestra and no problems at all

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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    it seems that the problem may be solved easily. I found out that if I load a preset (going throug the samples \"Autofind\" in the HD) and than *save* the preset, it does not give any error when I open it again. I guess Kontact saves the loading path. This maks me quite happy :-).


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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    Sorry I didn\'t explain properly. GPO and the Kontakt player will generally work fine with C:\\Programmi... or any other directory and drive. There is a bug though with the Kontakt player, so that if you share a saved file (that uses GPO) with a friend, the saved file will expect to load the GPO nki library samples from the exact same spot that you have them on your system. This is a problem for GPO Studio because the templates are saved files on a system that used the typical C:\\Program Files... directory, and hence when GPO Studio loads this shared saved template file, the Kontakt player looks for the samples in C:\\Program Files... and not in C:\\Programmi...

    So anyway the short answer is that most people will never have problems at all, but some people will have troubles loading the GPO Studio templates. We\'re hoping that soon no people will ever have problems with it, since we hope th bug will be fixed in the next update from NI [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Small GPO Problem

    this explains the issue I had: I actually copied a couple of GPO studio presets from my laptop GPO installation to my desktop GPO installation. he first as an english OS (c:\\Program Files), the second an italian one (c:\\Programmi).


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