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Topic: multiple instance madness/SONAR/Kontakt

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    multiple instance madness/SONAR/Kontakt

    I use Kontakt through SONAR for GPO. I can add two instances of GPO fine in SONAR. But, when I try to add a third instance, it loads about 12 instances. So then I delete all the excess instances. But, the third instance now shows that I have MIDI tracks and, yet,nothing plays. Even when I try to use Live Synth to introduce Soundfonts instread of my GPO instruments. Whassup?

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    Re: multiple instance madness/SONAR/Kontakt


    How strange. I\'m not sure I understand. When you load a third instance, another nine instance of the player are loaded? Where do they show up? In the Synth window?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: multiple instance madness/SONAR/Kontakt

    It shows up in the main window of SONAR. I think it also shows up in the DXi windows but I\'m at the office and not home, so I don\'t know for sure.

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