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Topic: Hi Hat Madness!!

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    Hi Hat Madness!!

    Can you offer a solution? :
    I have GigaSampler LE. I just bought a drum package from sonic implants. They sound great, but I the high-hats are not responding to the Key Group, i.e. the open high hat continues to ring even after the closed high hat is triggered. All the HH\'s are set to Key Group #1 in the region properties dialogue box. Am I missing something? What gives?

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    Re: Hi Hat Madness!!

    I do not believe that feature is enabled in Gigasampler even though there is a function box on the UI for it. I think that is one of the major advantages of upgrading to Studio.

    As a workaround I do one of two things:

    1. Cut off the release on a longer open HH hit. Then hit the closed HH upon releaseing the open HH. Sometimes with the right samples, this sounds very good. Also, a very good fix for GM style kits where you only get a tight closed, foot and open sample set to select from.

    2. I also use Garfield and Clearmountain drums and found that with all of variations of tight, tight partially open etc. this is a non-issue. However, a bad solution if you want a GM style kit (I use a lot of notes to map out all the variations).

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Hi Hat Madness!!

    Thanks Scott,
    Man, if that\'s the case I think it\'s pretty lame. That is such a basic function that it seem unfair to disable it in any version. I could handle maybe upgrading to full Gigasampler, but going all the way to Studio is too far a leap. I\'m not a sound designer, I just want to be able to purchase good sounds and use them w/ minimal hassle. So far it\'s hassles galore.
    I\'ll try your workaround. I had thought of that, but again not being a big sound designer, figuring out how to edit the decay on all the open hats is not how I wanted to spend my time.
    I\'m still waiting for the official answer from NEmesys.
    Aaron http://www.aaroncheney.com

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    Re: Hi Hat Madness!!

    Hey Scott,

    The keygroup feature was never disabled, Nemesys just never got it together in any Gigasampler version.

    In a way, I think they regard Gigastudio as the upgrade many Gigasampler owners were waiting for. They even had a heavily discounted upgrade path for Gigasampler owners at one point.

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