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Topic: Film Trailer mockup

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    Film Trailer mockup

    I did all of the orchestral instruments with GPO. Its a movie trailer that has a lot of dark ECU shots of monsters and a few bits of scenes from the movie.

    So, the orchestra comes in at the scenes from the movie.
    I particularly like the last bit after the silence.

    What do you think?


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    Re: Film Trailer mockup


    This is not what I was expected (compared to your last demo) so it was quite a surprise. Actually there were a few surprises in the piece.

    Nice integration of the orchestra in this fast-paced and thrilling score.

    Thanks for posting this. Now you have us all wanting more....

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Film Trailer mockup

    Really cool. Reminiscent of James Bond a little. I like the combination of electric/electronic sounds with GPO a lot.

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    Re: Film Trailer mockup


    Very cool piece! Are you doing the score for the whole film or just the trailer? What the film\'s title? You\'ve got me wanting to see it already...

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    Re: Film Trailer mockup

    No, no. Don\'t I wish I were doing it. Its called a rip-o-matic. That\'s why I can\'t show you the picture.

    Its my score (mockup-maybe that\'s not the right word?) for the Alien vs. Predator trailer.

    I took someone\'s advice here on the Garritan forum to pick up a trailer to practice.

    This is my first (to picture). I made a point NOT to listen to the real thing because I am easily swayed (read as-like to rip off good ideas)

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