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Topic: Question Garritan products

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    Question Garritan products

    Gary and or Tom (or anyone else that can answer), I\'ve read several things on here and on your site from time to time about GOS2, and then also a Solo String collection. Is GOS2 the solo string collection? or is that something different? And on your site you use to have the new solo String lib posted as coming soon, and I think I remember seeing a new Harp lib. coming, but now I see neither. Are these products on hold? Just curious [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Question Garritan products

    GOS2 and the solo strings are both in development. They\'re different projects. I believe Gary is in preliminary stages with one or more harps, but I haven\'t been involved in that.

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    Re: Question Garritan products

    So GOS2 is another full string lib?


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    Re: Question Garritan products

    Yep. GOS2 is the full ensemble strings successor to GOS.

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