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Topic: Virtual Audio Cable confusion

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    Virtual Audio Cable confusion

    This question was lost in a related post, so I thought I better start a new thread.

    I\'m a little confused how to set up VAC correctly. The 3 minute demo limit is ridiculously short. Their instructions suggest uninstalling and re-installing the program every 3 minutes!

    I\'m using Sonar on WinXP, with a Mia sound card. I discovered I have to set GPO Studio output to a DirectSound output first, but I\'m confused as to the IN and OUT settings of the Virtual Cable in the Audio Repeater utility. Also, what is the input selection in Sonar for recording the audio generated by GPO Studio?

    Can someone walk me through the setup? The help file is not user friendly.

    Steve Barden

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    Re: Virtual Audio Cable confusion

    Hasn\'t anyone had success with Virtual Audio Cable??? It seems like a good solution, but I need some help.


    Steve Barden

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