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Topic: GPO panning an instrument

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    GPO panning an instrument

    Anyone know the cc controller to PAN in KontactPlayer?

    Logic\'s default is 10 but doesn\'t control GPO instruments.

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    Re: GPO panning an instrument


    You need to activate it in the Options menu of the player.


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    Re: GPO panning an instrument

    Are you referring to controller data that is drawn in? I ran into something similar in DP4. The Kontakt player didn\'t seem to respond to the data I drew in (yes, automation was activated - don\'t know if Logic has something similar, so, sorry if this doesn\'t translate). However when I opened the mixing board window and started moving the pan knob back and forth I could definitely hear GPO responding sonically, but the Kontakt player didn\'t visibly respond. The player\'s knob didn\'t move, nor did the pan % value. But the data was being sent.

    NOTE: This was encountered with the controllers activated in the \"options\" dialogue box.

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