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Topic: ADSR envelopes

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    ADSR envelopes

    Hello everyone,
    Just got my copy of GPO last week and have hardly had much time to spend with it unfortunatly. I have however had time to make a template in Cubase SX and audition almost all the sounds. Here are a few observations/wishes. I really wish (as stated by someone before) that there was a way to control ADSR or atleast attack and release times. I know that velocity is supposed to bring in the attack on some sounds but the difference is very small between 0 and 127. Also mentioned before, I have 1 gig of ram with nothing but Cubase running and can only load about half of the instruments. Not a big suprise and I intend to remedy this with a more ram or a second machine with FX Teleport. I suppose that I\'m gonna really have to work to learn a different way of writing with GPO and I look forward to every minute of it. I think that all the potential for great sounding music is there, I just have to learn how to conjure it up. Thanks Gary for a great product and I just wanted to make a few suggestions/wishes since there will be updates at some point. I\'ll be working to make a demo to be critiqued by the GPO forum masses in the meantime. My only other wish is that someone would send me a paycheck every week so that I can sit at home and play with GPO instead of going to work. (Maybe a future update?) Thanks for listening.

    Eric W

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    Re: ADSR envelopes

    Absolutely agreed. Bump.

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    Re: ADSR envelopes


    Welcome to the party. The check’s in the mail.

    The subject of envelope control has been discussed in detail in other threads. Here is a link (also posted elsewhere) that includes some info on both attack and release envelope control and why things are the way they are:


    I will add one more thing: There is an implication in this and other threads that having standard midi control over the attacks would be advantageous – somehow giving more control than you have now. This is simply untrue. Quite the opposite in fact. A standard attack envelope gives control in one direction only: increased envelope slope, that is - slower attacks. Using a standard attack envelope, an attack can never be made sharper (faster) than exists in the original sample. GPO adds a “flex” envelope that extends velocity control to sharper attacks than are actually recorded in the samples. The net result is that the user has more breadth of control than a standard attack envelope would afford. The total amount of control was arrived at through considerable input from our beta testers and is intended to give musically useful but unexaggerated results. The final values are a compromise, as with all things, but give considerably more useful control than a standard attack envelope.

    Users who own the full version of Kontakt can add release control with some easy re-programming so long as the downside, outlined in the link above, is acceptable. Unfortunately, it has too many liabilities to be practical in the released GPO player. Just the likely tech support alone disqualifies it: “Yeah, when I load the instruments they ring way too long, what am I doing wrong?” If and when Kontakt architecture changes to allow greater flexibility in setting default values this feature will be added.


    We are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject and let it go at that.


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    Re: ADSR envelopes

    Hey Tom,
    I do understand what you are saying and I will learn to live with it just fine I\'m sure. It\'s just gonna make me work a bit differently. I have to say that I like being able to grab a string patch on my XP-30\'s orchestral board and it seems like it just plays really nice without much fuss. If I need to, I can grab a slider and adjust the ADSR for smooth slow parts. GPO\'s cuts off the last note a bit quick for me. However, I think that GPO is probably a much more realistic approach. Just a bit more difficult to me. Now if I want to have one chord swell in over the tail of the other, I have to write two seperate tracks instead of having the slow attack come into the still releaseing chord behind it. I\'ve heard the other demos so I know the effects that I want can be attained, it\'s just gonna be a long road ahead. Enough whining, on with the discovery. Thanks for the reply Tom.

    Eric W

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    Re: ADSR envelopes

    Tom has pointed out one exciting aspect of Kontakt--the flex envelope. I have used this critter extensively to \'sharpen-up\' attacks that don\'t bark enough in brass and other sounds.

    No other sampler has this and it\'s just one of the things that make Kontakt superior to others.

    As for release of strings, you are supposed to use the modwheel to decrescendo to a quiet release. It\'s more natural.

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