Thank you very, very much food4thought. Yes indeed, for some reason my cakewalk need to go out port 2, not port 1 in order to activate the midi trigger for giga wave capture. Thanks! It\'s strange, but all i have for software is giga, cakewalk and acid pro (which doesn\'t take midi), so it\'s strange wouldn\'t you think that giga is not on port 1. Maybe my midi card is port 1. But it works. Now, just one last problem to solve and I\'m laughing. I haven\'t been able to download the latest gigastudio updates from the website, don\'t ask me why. And, my gigastudio won\'t capture 24bit, only 16. I was told I needed to update gigastudio in order to solve that problem. Know any other places to get the updates. Eternally gratefully yours, Minnow!