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Topic: EXS24 Support?

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    EXS24 Support?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post (although I\'ve been lurking for quite a while now).

    Now that Apple/Emagic have started including the EXS24 with Logic (all Logic Pro users will have the full version installed and ready to go) is there any chance of an EXS version of GPO? With all the NI problems with Logic I\'d much prefer to use EXS (which runs more efficiently as a Native logic plug than any other) but converting the sames to this format is far beyond my skills.

    Just wondering if any plans existed for this - I think it would be a great marketing tool for Gary & Co. to do this, to appeal to the tens of thousands of Logic users.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: EXS24 Support?

    Brian, I can\'t officially speak for Gary but I seriously doubt we\'ll see a conversion. 2 reasons primarily:
    1) Gary and gang implemented a copy protection scheme which prevents users from being able to access the samples in anything other then Kontakt. There may be a way around it but I haven\'t bothered trying.

    2) The best part about GPO is the programming, but the programming could not be copied into any other platform. I\'m actually a huge EXS user and fan, but I would not want EXS for GPO. I\'ve looked at some of the programming and it\'s so kontakt specific, there\'s no way you could ever get the same results in EXS. For example, the piano sounds fairly decent, and responds like it has4-5 velocity levels sampled - but in reality there\'s only 2. However in the programming I found that there were in fact 5 groups set up, 3 of which triggered the same sample. Then the top layer played the \"f\" sample as it was recorded, and the next layer played the same \"f\" sample, but added a lowpass filter on it to darker the timbre a tad. The next layer again played the same \"f\" sample but lowered the response on the lowpass filter.

    I played with this for quite a while to see if I really had been so dupped and in fact it\'s true. Then I opened several other programs to uncover the programming in there as well. Same kind of magic. This is how they managed to get such a diverse library in a mere 4 CD collection.

    There\'s a few more programming things that really suprised me and some I haven\'t been able to figure out yet. But all of that to say, if you were to convert this library to EXS, it really wouldn\'t sound anything like it does in Kontakt.

    The good news (IMO) is that this is evidence that the soft synth world/sampling world has taken a huge step forward. Giga did one big step by allowing disk streaming and key switching. EXS (IMO) made an equally huge step by providing fantastic stability, and ease of use. But Kontakt has moved the bar incredbily high by adding all the filter powers and variations it has added. In some ways it\'s like taking the programming power of a very flexible synth, and making the raw wave forms Samples. Something I have conceptualized, but never been able to work with until now.

    So with a free kontakt player - I\'d just get GPO and not worry about anything else [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: EXS24 Support?

    J Whaley,

    You nailed it on the piano programming. Tom Hopkins is probably the best programmer of sampled libraries around today. He\'s been doing it since the hardware days and it shows by the stuff he\'s done. The programming really makes GPO what it is.

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    Re: EXS24 Support?

    Yes I\'m just blown awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy (that was me blowing away) at how ingenious some of the programming is, and how you can\'t really even tell. Just playing the piano sample it sounds like it\'s several velocities, but then I was amazed to see the truth behind it.

    With that said, I\'m really trying to dig into the way he did stuff so I can apply that to other libs that need some tweaking. I think a lot of libraries still have a lot of life left if they could be updated with the programming, but the type of programming available now in Kontakt was never available with hardwares, so no one seems to give old akai libs the benifit of the doubt.


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    Re: EXS24 Support?

    I\'m sure you\'re right that the programming would have to be quite different, but don\'t rule out the potential of an EXS version simply because of that. This would be a great solution for those of us running on OSX, who are currently conflicted between the great sounds in GPO and the hoops we have to jump over to use them.

    I\'d encourage Gary and his terrific programmers to consider this solution, or at least weigh the benefits against the costs.

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    Re: EXS24 Support?

    Probably not as good for piano, but for mono instruments what I\'ve done in the past (yes this is nothing new to general audio mixing) is put a automatable lowpass filter on it, and just assign it\'s freq to the velocity of the track, of course, within appropriate range. I\'m think you can set this up in Logic. You can absolutely automate it by hand in probably any program, and there\'s some plugins out there that do this same kind of dynamic filtering as well.

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