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Topic: Logic & GSt...Help Please!

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    Logic & GSt...Help Please!


    Sorry for the long post. I just recently purchased GSt and have not yet committed to a specific sequencer. After much research, it seems that Logic might be the best choice for my goals.

    In searching the forum, I have read quite a bit about compatibility issues relating to Logic and GSt running on the same machine. I understand dedicating a machine to GsT is the best approach, and I plan on doing that somewhere \"down-the-road\", but for now I need to run both apps on the same machine.

    I currently have only a Studiologic SL-880 keyboard controller running GSt and it\'s working flawlessly (poly= clean 160) but I realize this is not an accurate measure of system performance. I have no other external midi gear and don\'t plan on running any other applications other than Logic and GSt. As for sound cards, I currently have only a SB Live Value card but plan on upgrading in the near future.

    My question is: If I currently have no need for the audio features of Logic and just want to use it as a sequencer:

    A) Is it possible to completely turn off or disable these audio-related features and prevent the program from hogging valuable system resources?

    B) If this is possible, would disabling audio
    allow me to avoid the majority of compatibility issues that seem to plague GSt/Logic users?

    C) After disabling audio, what compatibility issues might I still be left with.

    D) If I have no other external midi gear and only want to control GSt\'s four midi ports will I have to deal with software midi drivers such as Hubi and Midi Yoke -or- can I expect fairly straightforward routing of low latency midi, within my one machine, between the GSt and Logic applications?

    E) Finally, can anyone estimate the performance \"hit\" I will experience by running these programs on the same machine (with no other applications or midi gear running at the same time) as opposed to the optimum configuration of having them on separate machines?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you might be able to provide.


    ps: My current system specs if it\'s meaningful.

    Dell Dimension P3-800Mhz, 133 Front Side Bus
    O/S: Microsoft Windows 98se
    Mobo/Chipset: Intel 82820 PCI/AGP
    Bios: American Megatrends 01/06/00
    RAM: 256 Meg ECC RDRAM (Rambus PC600)
    Video: Matrox G400 Max Dual Head
    Sound Card: Creative SB Live! Value

    IDE Controller: Intel 82801AA Bus Master
    Program: IBM 34.2 GB Ultra, 7200RPM ATA66 :
    Samples: IBM 45 GB DeskStar 75GXP connected to ATA66 controller

    Thanks again for your response,


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    [This message has been edited by blabla (edited 03-22-2001).]

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    Re: Logic & GSt...Help Please!

    OK, let me try answering what I can. I run Logic & Gst on one machine with no problem, around 140 poly or so depending on which instruments. I can do audio at the same time (though I should add I have both an SB Live as well as Yamaha SW1000XG - I route audio through the one, GS via the other).

    A) Yes you can, Chadwick has done this.

    B) Probably

    C) I am not aware of any

    D) No need for Hubi - provided you have one of the later versions of Gst. Download the latest update from Nemesys\' website.

    E) This depends on so many things it is almost impossible to say (for me at least)

    My system is pretty similar to yours, including the Matrox, exept for the extra SW1000XG card, and the fact that I have a Via ApolloPro133A chipset with which I have no trouble (and thus obviously no rambus ram). (Gigabyte GA6VX74X)

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    Re: Logic & GSt...Help Please!

    Hi cc,

    Thanks for your response. 140 with \"audio\" and no problems sounds pretty impressive from what I\'ve read. Hopefully, I will have similar experiences, especially in light of the fact that I currently don\'t plan to use \"audio\".

    cc, thanks for sharing your setup. I appreciate your input.


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