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Topic: GOS Demo: Putting the Prize Into Use

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    GOS Demo: Putting the Prize Into Use

    I haven\'t really had the time to explore GOS Full Orchestral Strings which I chose to win from the 10,000th post sprint a few weeks ago. Tonight, I was playing around with the spiccato, sautille and portato ALT patches and came up with this:


    I didn\'t really finish the work because I can\'t really decide how to pan the 2nd violins and the violas as they seem to have separate sounds from each end of the stereo field. Nevertheless, I think I got it right - and my God, the full version is indeed way beyond what the Lite version (which I have been using) can do! Heaven!

    Are there any GOS-related sites (besides the Garritan site) where I can study/compare setups? I\'d like to learn as much as I can.

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    Re: GOS Demo: Putting the Prize Into Use

    Blimey Nhick, you ARE good at this music business....


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