First, I have to say this is my first sample library ever, and I\'m *loving* it. I\'m going to be picking up Sibelius soon (I\'ve been using Noteworthy Composer for the past 5 years; it\'s incredible for shareware, but I\'m graduating with my music degree this December and need to learn an industry standard), and DIVA. However, on to my question\\dilemma -

When I originally got GPO a month or so ago, I had a P4, 2.0ghz with 256mb of RAM. Well, GPO ran okay, but could only load a few samples without slowdown, but I never had any low memory problems. Well, I upgraded to 1gb of RAM about 2 weeks ago, and ever since, I\'ve been getting this -

\"Memory is getting low. This may cause dropouts or other artefacts!\" when loading only 3 (dry) samples. Windows said, at this point, I\'m using 756mb/1310mb of memory. Any idea what my problem is, and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance, sorry about the boring tech-ness of this message. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And thanks again Gary for putting out an *amazing* product at a price even a poor college kid like me can afford.