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Topic: got sonar quick question re:GPO

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    got sonar quick question re:GPO

    had to drive 50 miles, but i got sonar, and i have no idea how to use it!


    But it looks really nice.

    Are there any people using sonar with GPO who would be willing to answer a simple question for me?

    as far as I can tell, you need two tracks for each \"track\" in sonar with GPO.

    One midi track and one DXI track. The DXI track carries the sound and the midi of course carries the midi data. Is there any way around this... for example, not to have to have a track for the sound itself?

    I have beeen trying for awhile now, and can make it produce any sound unless it creates a midi source track and a synth output.

    Can you use one track to carry more than one synth output instrument, and map different midi instruments to it?



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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    Hi Tim,
    two suggestions:
    1- is it Sonar 3? If so, use the bundled VST wrapper, if not, get some VST wrapper, DXi implementation in Kontakt player is evil! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
    2- you only need one audio (DXi, VST) track per instance. Right-click on the track list, choose \"add MIDI track\" and assign it to the same instance, just different channel, this way you\'ll get 1-8 midi tracks assigned to one audio track.

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO


    I believe George is correct. Since you can assign a unique midi channel to each of the 8 instrument slots in one instance of GPO, you should be able to feed one GPO DXi track in Sonar with 8 midi tracks, matching each Sonar midi track channel to the midi channels assigned in GPO.

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    cool, thanks for the help guys.

    So if you do it this way, is there a way to independantly control the mixing volumes of each instrument seperately without having to do so within the kontakt player.. Oh.. wait Ill bet it is controlled on the midi channel..

    man i have a feeling I have alot to learn.


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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    Volume works a different way in GPO than many other libraries. Most of the instruments have been balanced already in the player so you shouldn\'t need to do many changes to volume (CC7). CC7 volume control sets the general level of the instrument. You then use CC1 (modulation) to adjust volume/timbre in the piece. This works like the expression controller (CC11) and is the recommended way of changing volume.

    Make sure you read the manual and understand how all the controllers work especially modulation and the sustain pedal. This is the power of the library.

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    I fell in love with Sonar three years ago and have not looked at any other sequencer since!
    The guys are right. Start one instance of GPO as a VST (Sonar 3 has this just make sure it is installed.) The assign your midi tracks to the GPO instance in the audio/Vst track. You can easlily draw a volume envelope on you midi track for any particular instrument to control volume levels. I can\'t recommend enough (a little plug here, sorry Gary) a book by Scott Garrigus called \"Sonar 3 Power\". It is an excellent resource for beginners. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions/problems you might, no wait, you WILL have. Lotsa luck! joshjharlan@lycos.com

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    Thanks so much guys!

    Im becoming quite happy that i switched to sonar.

    Logic was... well... hard compared to this!

    This (sonar) seems to fit making music so much better, and I was a die hard logic user since logic 4

    Well, thanks again!


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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    Ok, next logical question is.... is there a way to convert a logic song into a sonar 3 song??

    Prolly not....

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO

    You can export a MIDI file from Logic and load it into Sonar.

    You would have to set up all the instrument connections anew. And don\'t forget to save it as a normal Sonar file or it\'ll be MIDI still!

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    Re: got sonar quick question re:GPO


    The easiest way to set up GPO (or any softsynth/sampler/dxi/vsti) in Sonar 3 is to use the Synth Rack. Click View on the menu, and select Synth Rack. Then click the add button and add GPO VST version. It will automagically set up all the tracks for you with the right links between them. Once you see how to do it there, you can do it manually much more easily if you need to.

    -- Martin

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