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Topic: Mod wheel with G50 ?

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    Mod wheel with G50 ?

    I have a guitar synth : Yamaha G50 and I don\'t know if there is a way to use the volume control as a mod wheel control ?

    PS : GPO is very nice, I wait 2 months, but I\'m very very very happy now. THANKS.

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    Re: Mod wheel with G50 ?

    Hi David,

    there might be many ways to achieve that. First, I just took a quick look into the G50 manual (on yamaha.com because I don\'t own one [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) and I didn\'t found something although it should be possibile within G50. If you own CubaseSX and use it as your sequencer you could use the midi transform plugin to convert, for example, volume to modulation. I do it this way because my mod-wheel is a damn mod-stick and I can\'t get anything useful out of it. If you use some other sequencer there might be this kind of \"plugin\" as well. If you are working on pc you could install \"Bome\'s Midi Translator\". With this tool you can easily change every midi message into whatever midi message you want. The problem is, that you will have to install a midi loopback driver. You can catch the midi input with the midi translator and have it send the (translated) data to the midi loopback driver. In your sequencer program just use the loopback driver as midi input and you are done. I tried this and it worked great, but the loopback driver is not well coded for WinXP or Win2K so I disabled it because I had strange latencies in Cubase. The chances are high that this is only true on my machine, so give it a try.

    If you are interested, just do a search on \"midi translator\" and \"midi loopback driver\" and you should find what you need. Feel free to ask for anything more specific about the midi translator, if you get into trouble. I\'m not an expert but did get quick results with this setup (except for that strange behaviour) and might help out with an \"ini-file\" for the translator.


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    Re: Mod wheel with G50 ?

    Thanks Malte

    I find this : http://www.midiox.com/, and now i\'ve got it !
    You help me a lot. Thanks


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    Re: Mod wheel with G50 ?

    You know, It might be nice if NI would modify the Kontakt Player to allow cc#s to be changed the way you can in the full version of Kontakt. That way if someone was stuck with a particular controller they could just change the modwheel of GPO to respond to it, like say using cc#11 if you just had a foot pedal or something.

    Just a thought....

    or maybe another thought...what about a re-mapping module specifically for GPO.

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