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Topic: midi on the USB port

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    midi on the USB port


    I\'ve dedicated a PC machine to Gigastudio. My other PC is running Cubase.
    Now the problem is how to link the two PCs MIDI-wise?
    Of course one solution is to buy two 4x4 MIDI interfaces but...is it any other possibility, like emulating a MIDI interface on the USB bus? I think that I read something about this (some Yamaha drivers?), but know when I need it I cannot find any information about this.
    Can anyone advice, please?


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    Re: midi on the USB port

    Don\'t get too overly technically concerned about this, on the gigastudio computer I would use a sound card with midi ports built in like the ardvark cards. Gigastudio is recommended not to be used with USB midi ports. On the other computer however I think a standard USB midi setup would be fine. I\'m using a midiman 2x2 card on my sequencer computer and just dedicate one of the ins and outs for the Gigastudio machine. Works like a champ!

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    Re: midi on the USB port

    check out the past threads on networking or using network cards to link two computers. This topic has been discussed and explained before.

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    Re: midi on the USB port

    I am upgrading my system and was wondering about the use of USB midi interface.

    So using USB midi interface on the PC running the sequencer works ok? Just not to use it with the computer which Gigastudio runs on? Is this right?

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