I would like to ask for some advice on mixing with GPO. My particular problem right now is how to blend a harpsichord. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

I\'m trying to use the harpsichord as a percussion/harmonic instrument, something like a mini rhythm section. The rest of the group consists of brass, violins, handbells, and a bunch of percussion. (I realize that in such an ensemble a real harpsichord would probably be drowned out. I\'m living out my virtual fantasy.)

I would like to achieve a mix of the quality that was done in the Barry White hit Never, Never, Gonna Give You Up. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] I assume most everyone has heard that on the radio. It\'s got a harpsichord part that blends incredibly well with everything else. I wish I could achieve such a high quality blend in my attempt to weave a harpsichord into my arrangement.

But my attempts have given me a harpsichord sound that is so soft it sounds like something tinkling in the background, or so loud that it sounds like a Star Wars pistol. (I believe they made one gun sound by blending among other things someone striking a high tension metal cable.)

In mixing, do I have any options other than making it louder or softer? Do I use EQ to somehow blend it better? I mention EQ only because I see it in Cubasis VST and Ambience, and I have heard people mention it in passing. Or can I just change the reverb to make it blend? Do I need to modify the harpsichord reverb independent of other instruments?

You can hear my attempt here. This is an arrangement of a light piano piece, c. 1900. It\'s 4 MB in size. I didn\'t want to decrease the file size because there are a good variety of places where the harpsichord is playing. In some places the harpsichord is barely audible, but that\'s frankly just the result of my timidity, choosing background sound over hammer sound.

Thanks for any advice/ideas.