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Topic: What exactly happens after the "Memory Low" warning?

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    What exactly happens after the "Memory Low" warning?

    What exactly happens after the \"Memory Low\" warning is ignored?

    I tried overloading my ascetic RAM with full piano and full harps - and GPO swallowed it (the \"Memory Low\" warning appeared very early in the process). The piano sounded terrible afterwards - my guess is, just a couple of the samples got loaded.

    Which reminds me: Is the piano made up of several velocity - layered samples?


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    Re: What exactly happens after the "Memory Low" warning?


    It’s best to open the Windows Task Manager (Control-Alt-Delete), the Performance tab. That way you can monitor RAM usage as you load. Many people experience instability above about 90% RAM usage so load with care as you approach that level. It’s best to test your system to see what you can get away with. The low memory message is very conservative – it kicks in at about 70% usage on my system. I ignore it and watch the RAM readouts instead.

    The piano uses a combination of 2 actual sample layers and 3 filtered transition layers for a total of five layers to achieve smooth results. This is true of all versions of the piano.


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