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Topic: A Little Problem with GPO Studio

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    A Little Problem with GPO Studio

    I just got GPO on Thursday and now I\'m attempting to play some of the examples included with Overture SE in GPO studio but I\'ve run into a bit of a snag. I didn\'t install GPO on my C drive because there\'s only 3 gig of space left, so I put it on a drive with lots of free space.

    Anyway when I try to load the string quartet template GPO studio can\'t find the samples... fair enough... they aren\'t in the expected place, but I can\'t find any way to tell it where the samples are located. It insists on searching every directory on every drive on my computer which takes about 8 minutes before it gets to the one with the samples! Then the same thing when it tries to load the next instrument (another 8 mins)... and so on, and so on. Over half-an-hour to load the string quartet!!

    I\'m sure I must be overlooking something. Is there a quicker way of directing GPO studio to where the samples are located?


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    Re: A Little Problem with GPO Studio

    With GPO Studio, there\'s unfortunately no easy trick to getting the templates to load when you have installed to a place other than the default directory. Not your fault of course - this is a bug in the Kontakt players that will affect any saved files on any sequencer (or host in the case of GPO Studio) when you try to open that file on a different computer than the one it was orginally saved on. The templates are essentially saved session files, so they get hit by the bug. NI is working on an update to the Kontakt players, and we\'re hoping this item will be fixed.

    In the meantime the only workarounds for GPO Studio templates are to load in the instruments you will need just one time and save the session (thereby creating a template for yourself), or if you have the space and time to kill, you could uninstall GPO and reinstall to the default directory.

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    Re: A Little Problem with GPO Studio

    Jeff, thank you for the response. I guess I\'ll try to free up some space on my C: drive and reinstall GPO there.



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