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Topic: Stupid GIGASAMPLER question here....

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    Stupid GIGASAMPLER question here....

    Hey all

    im sort of new (ish) to the sampling scene, ive not heard much about gigasampler...what i want to know is, is there any point in using it if you dont use midi? i use software sequencers etc, with good results (www.mp3.com/seismic) and dont have the £££ for hardware, so will gigasampler convert to .wav etc etc??



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    Re: Stupid GIGASAMPLER question here....


    I checked out your song, \"Salmacis\". While I\'m sure you\'ll find some good techno riffs, patterns, sequences, loops, etc, (in Giga format) that will aid you music creation, in my personal opinion Gigastudio is better suited to the recreation of live instruments being simulated as if played by real people in real time. This is where a midi recording studio with gigastudio can be a real time saver, no need to hire musicians to sit and play instruments. With all the techo/pattern based music creation software available I think Gigastudio would be extreme overkill for doing a techno based song. However to answer your question you can capture your Gigastudio work as .WAV file for importing into other projects. Gigastudio & MIDI would be useful for you if you didn\'t want to use pre existing patterns or sequences but you wanted to play a midi keyboard and create your own patterns from real drums, bass guitars, synths, etc.

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    Re: Stupid GIGASAMPLER question here....

    Thanks for the reply. I never use pre recorded patterns, loops, sequences etc etc...for me thats a total kop out, and it takes away the whole point of trying to make music. Although this mighny be apparent in my \"dancefloor\" stuff like salmacis, if you listened to the non techno stuff you would probably see.

    So in gigasampler, can i play a sample in the gigasampler format, and then save that sound as a wav file? You see, the main reason im interested in it is that there is loads of full sound sets that are in gigasampler format, hence i cant play them in my sequencer. ive heard real good things about the quality of the samples, and i feel like im missing out!!!

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    Re: Stupid GIGASAMPLER question here....

    Seismic, I think you\'ll really love Gigastudio. Just make sure you have a computer that will work well with it. I would advise getting at least a 700 MHz Pentium 3 to get good usage out of the program. Get 2 hard drives, one for programs (sequencers, etc.) and a large hard drive (I\'ve got a 30 gig drive) for audio and gigs. You can start with 128 megs of ram, but if you do large orchestral stuff using libraries like Advanced Orchestra, you will need at least 256 megs.
    On to the sounds...man, your creativity will go through the roof once you have access to real violins, huge ambient pads, phat-*** hip hop drum kits and loops, ethnic percussion, boys choirs, you name it. It is so awesome to be able to play the sounds instead of just using phrase loops which I did when I started with Cool Edit Pro.
    I look at it like actually having the actual instruments at my fingertips.
    You will spend money, money, money on libraries but if this is what you love to do, it\'s well worth it. Then there\'s the fact that you can tweak all of these sounds out with plug-ins and the Giga Instrument Editor. The skies the limit with Gigastudio. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the number of great sounds I have, I don\'t even know where to begin!
    It\'s by far the best 300 dollars I\'ve ever spent on an audio software program and well worth it. Just make sure you have the recommended requirements for your computer and a good GSIF multicliented soundcard-Delta 1010 very recommended by myself .
    Here\'s what I\'m running Gigastudio 96 on with great results and full 96 voice polyphony:
    670 MHz Pentium 3-Hewlett Packard
    Windows 98
    256 megs Kingston ram
    8 gig drive-programs, 30 gig drive-audio and gigs
    Delta 1010 soundcard
    Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 (works great with Gigastudio)
    Good Luck!

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