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Topic: GPO Panning

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    GPO Panning

    Is it better to pan GPO instruments within its Kompakt player settings before bouncing them to wav tracks or should I just position them dead center and then pan them accordingly after bouncing? What difference in sound can I expect between the two procedures?

    I just want to know before bouncing all these tracks I am working on.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: GPO Panning


    If you are bouncing everything to audio you will have more flexibility in the mixing stage if you record instruments panned to center. Since winds and solo strings are monaural instruments the ultimate sound of the panning will be the same (all other things being equal) as the internal results in GPO. By the way, with monaural instruments you could bounce to a mono audio track and the track would automatically be centered for panning in your mixer (and save HD space too).

    With stereo instruments the final results depend on the type of panning you have available to you – e.g. standard intensity panning vs. independent R/L channel panning. These will sound somewhat different from one another but you will still have more flexibility with a starting center panning position for the audio file.

    The advantage to using the pre-panned positions in GPO would be ease-of-use (if everything is where you want it).


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