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Topic: GPO Demo (full orchestra)

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    GPO Demo (full orchestra)

    Well, I think I\'m getting the hang of the GPO. Here\'s my demo: \"White Wolf\"

    I only have two issues right now: (1) the trumpets keep cutting out during their fanfare and I have no idea why. (2) I cannot get Controller #7 (Volume) to have any effect in the GPO Studio for the purpose of creating cresendos/decrescendos. Sure, I can adjust the overall volume of an entire track, but that\'s not what I need. Oh well, I guess I\'ll probably figure it out eventually.

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    Re: GPO Demo (full orchestra)

    I think the idea is to leave the overall track volume at one level and use the mod wheel (cc #1) to control volume and timbre changes dynamically for cresendos and such.

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    Re: GPO Demo (full orchestra)

    you\'d surely want to look into using the mod wheel. There are sudden cut offs which could be smoothed a little with the mod wheel.

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    Re: GPO Demo (full orchestra)

    The crescendos and decrescendos are controlled by mod wheel (CC#1). That way you have
    -CC#1 to control dinamically the volume
    -Velocity to control each note volume (and attack)
    -The volume knob in kontakt player which sets the overall volume of an instrument.

    And you can link the volume knob to the usual controller CC#7 pressing the \"options\" button under the \"load\" one and checking \"Use Std CC#7/CC#10 Volume&Pan\"

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