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Topic: GPO and the virtual soundstage

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    GPO and the virtual soundstage

    Just wondering - what provision (if any) is there in GPO for positioning instruments within the \"virtual soundstage\"? Can it take care of panning, delay etc to allow you to set your instruments up easily to sound like a real orchestra? Or do you still have to do all that with the individual audio tracks separately afterwards in your sequencer?

    I do find this aspect of MIDI orchestration difficult. I\'m an ex-violinist and played in orchestras quite a lot, so I have high standards. But I don\'t yet have the mastery of the technology to satisfy those standards, which can be frustrating.

    The only package I know of that does this is EWQLSO, but I don\'t really want that for various reasons. I\'ll probably get GPO anyway, but this feature would be a certain clincher.


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    Re: GPO and the virtual soundstage

    Yes, absolutely, you can position the instruments within the soundstage at the midi level and get stunning results. In fact, the stock instruments are \'pre-soundstaged\' (panned and volume balanced) when you load them. You\'ll probably still tweak to suit your taste/needs.

    A couple of my favorite GPO demos so far are the Mozart pieces performed by Duncan Brinsmead. I happen to love Mozart, so I\'m biased, but these are superb, expressive and surprisingly realistic renditions. I have the midi files, and I can say with absolute certainty that the sound coming out of my speakers - when playing back the midi files - are identical to Duncan\'s posted mp3\'s at www.Garritan.com . There is no need to track to audio first to achieve this pro level of \'soundstaging\'.

    Additionally, a good VST host will allow audio processing in real time, if you find the need for that. By that I mean, for example, adding an EQ plugin to cut the horns below 400 Hz, a typical processing trick to avoid midrange muddiness. ....


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    Re: GPO and the virtual soundstage

    I\'ve been trying to simulate the sound of John Williams at Skywalker Sound scoring stage. I have Cakewalk Soundstage, I already figured it out a simple rectangular room is the way to be, but anybody has more clues or suggestions for a fresh, lively reverb?

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    Re: GPO and the virtual soundstage

    Instrument positioning is very important in virtual orchestrations. We provide tools that \"allow you to set your instruments up easily to sound like a real orchestra\". Multis, sequencer setups, GPO Studio files and Ambience templates are some of the tools we provide where instruments are pre-panned and ready-to-go in various arrangements.

    But you also have the option of customizing your own instrumentation where you can pinpoint where you want each player positioned on a virutal stage. This can be done separately in a sequencer or notation program. This option gives the user total control, but requires more work.

    The possibilities for instrument arrangements is almost endless and depends on the composition, the period written, the space, the conductor and many factors. There are no set rules and we prefer the customer be given the choice to position their instruments. Working with individual instruments allows you to position each instrument the way you want. You can make duos, trios, quartets, intimate chamber groupings, medium size orchestra, full orchestras, avante garte arrangements - anything your musical tastes and imagination dictates.

    There are other tools such as Cakewalk Soundstage which provide for positioning instruments. New incredible tools are being developed. Convolution/Impulse technology is emerging on the scene and recent developments in this field are extraordinary. The upcoming GigaPulse and other products promise to provide multiple impulses for positioning. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with this new technology.

    We are currently in developing a \"top-secret\" project to provide something extraordinary in this regard. We will provide more details soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO and the virtual soundstage

    Originally posted by Garritan:
    ...a \"top-secret\" project to provide something extraordinary...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Gary, you\'re such a tease... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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