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Topic: Giga and Win2k

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    Giga and Win2k

    What\'s the situation w/ Giga and W2k? No worka? GSIF drivers aren\'t compatible w/ the
    OS architecture or somesuch?

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    Re: Giga and Win2k

    Even though Nemesys first promised Win2k support for the end of last summer, it has yet to materialize. The latest from Nemesys is that they will release a patch to enable support for Windows XP when that OS comes out.

    Windows XP is basically Windows 2001, and with XP Microsoft will finally unify its OS code base across all market segments, thus ending the DOS-based Windows98/Me lineage.

    Windows XP is supposed to come out this summer to fall. I really hope Giga support for a real OS finally happens at that time as promised yet again from Nemesys...

    Giga XP power! No more time-killing rebooting to use Gigastudio! No more vaporware from Nemesys?

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    Re: Giga and Win2k

    I believe Nemesys are ignoring Win 2k and going straight to drivers for Windows XP (Whistler).

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