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Topic: New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

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    Re: New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

    Your demos leave me (almost) speechless - certainly with a big smile on my face.

    I understand the tails- a really clever use of a feature I thought had little practicallity past piano and harpsicord, but I don\'t understand how you get what sounds like legato response on some of the samples - you know, as if you\'re playing one sample which doesn\'t retrigger when you play a few other notes in the phrase?

    Are those sampled phrases, or is it clever Giga programming?

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    New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

    Hi All,

    This new demosong 4 is composed, performed and produced by Scarbee & Trk-El-Son. All bass programming by Scarbee.

    It\'s a moody shuffle-beat in tempo 90 featuring a bass-theme, tapping and fast licks performed by J-Slap 2 (both pick-ups).

    EQ, Chorus and Reverb from GigaStudio 160 has been added to the bass sound.

    This demo and the other 3 demoes of Scarbee J-Slap can be downloaded at: www.scarbee.com


    Thomas Hansen Skarbye

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    Re: New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

    Hi Chadwick,

    \"Are those sampled phrases, or is it clever Giga programming?\"

    There are NO sampled phrases - I use legato-tails and sometimes these are followed with grace-note (half/whole)-tails and slide-tails. Have you downloaded the \"solo\" version or the MIDI-version of demosong 4? Here you can really find out what is going on...


    [This message has been edited by SCARBEE (edited 03-20-2001).]

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    Re: New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

    I listened to the solo version, but haven\'t looked at the midi - shall do.

    Still, I don\'t understand \'legato tails\'.

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    Re: New demo (number 4) from Scarbee J-Slap!

    After I have recorded a legato frase (hammer on) C3 - D3 I cut the sample just as the \"hammer on\" reaches D3. Then I save this sample as a legato-tail. I can the use any sustained note (or another -tail)as the attack note and then \"glue\" the legato-tail to the back of this. Grace-notes and slides etc. has been \"cut-up\" this way too. All the tails has been carefully programmed concerning volume, so it is easy to make it sound real. There are different tails for thumbed/plucked (D/G-strings)

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