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Topic: DIVA choir and GPO

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    DIVA choir and GPO

    Any news on the GPO project/collaboration with GPO and DIVA choir? I am really looking forward to it. What will it include and what will the cost be?


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    Re: DIVA choir and GPO

    It will be a \"best of...\" the new Voci Concerto Choir Collection Vol. 1 from Bela D Media... As for which parts of the lib Bela D Media and Garritan will choose to include in GPO I don\'t know, but I can tell you, I\'ve got the inside scoop and VOCI is going to be AMAZING! So anything that Bela D Media and Garritan include from it will be very good.

    BTW, voci means \"voices\" in Italian, go figure... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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