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Topic: Musikmesse Frankfurt news

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    Musikmesse Frankfurt news

    Some of the upcoming GigaStudio Version 2.2 feature improvements:

    Improved Database functionality:

    - Increased performance in system-wide searching. Improvements in searching large disk drives have been measured to be 50 times faster.
    - File type selection/filters are now supported.
    - Directory selection/filters are now supported.
    - Advanced progress meters.

    Instrument/performance handling:

    -Preserve assigned patch numbers in performances.
    -Ability to free all unassigned instruments from memory.

    DSP/Sampler engine:

    - Velocity curve scaling - apply a programmable scale factor to any of the 15 existing velocity curves, giving effectively hundreds of additional velocity curves to choose from.
    - External controller volume threshold feature, lets you assign a minimum threshold to the external volume attenuation controller (such as aftertouch, etc.). This is extremely useful for volume crescendo and expressive dynamics.
    -Smoother dynamic filter response with external controllers, especially in the low filter cutoff frequencies, especially with relatively simple harmonic waveforms.
    - Improved filter LFO response.
    - Faster (more responsive) external control of filter resonance.

    Single system performance:
    - Customizable sequencer priorities: Increase the performance of a sequencer running on the same machine as the GigaStudio.

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    Re: Musikmesse Frankfurt news


    all i can say is that if Halion does not stream from the hard drive is is probably not something that I would buy. I love the sounds you can get by not having the restriction of having to have the whole sound contained in RAM. As far as i\'m concerened it\'s all about the sounds, and going back to 32 megabyte piano and string sounds is not something i look forward to. I just wish Nemesys would write a good manual and put out a bunch of tutorials so people could learn how to use their product.


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    Re: Musikmesse Frankfurt news

    That makes two of us..:-(

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