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Topic: Logic 5.1 and GPO Bug (Kontakt)

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    Logic 5.1 and GPO Bug (Kontakt)

    Actually I think this is a kontakt bug.

    After not hearing from anyone on the native forums, Id like to see if Gary or anyone can address this issue.. its really stifleing to have to deal with a tech problem when youre writing.

    To best describe the problem, Ill refer to my original post on the native forums, there are several posts on it from users haveing this problem, be sure you dont miss page 2...:

    http://www.nativeinstruments.de/forum/showthread.php?s=121f578dca37ec51b2dcdf9e7695a830& threadid=9311

    I appreciate any help anyone can give.


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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO Bug (Kontakt)

    Yes, that bug is more than annoying ...

    There\'s another thread around here somewhere about the stuck note problem in Logic with the Kontakt Player, or Kontakt. The problem has been reported to the NI development team, and they are aware of it, and, I presume, working on it. I think they\'re also talking to eMagic, since it\'s not clear where the problem is - it could be in Logic, or in the NI software.


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