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Topic: using expressions

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    using expressions

    I\'v been wrestling with the Mod wheels and external controlers setups.
    when attempting to use the ModW on my keyboard
    the program performs everything but what its suppose to.
    Bassicaly using the mod wheel makes everything go choppy and static, muting channels, soloing channels, etc....

    Any other setup featuers i should know about, except for the one in the manual?

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    Re: using expressions

    Tell us more about your setup (computer, interfaces, sequencer, etc.) or, better yet, contact Gary directly for support. Obviously, what you describe is not normal behavior.


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    Re: using expressions

    Hmm. Let me put it in different words.
    Im using cubase sx - that works fine.
    kontakt as a stand alone - works fine, but, when i use it as a plugin in cubase the one thing i CAN NOT do is use the modwheel on my external midi keyboard, thats when everything goes kaka. I tried different global settings on the Triton Le, but still nothing.

    The weird thing is, when i use the GPO as a stand alone the modwheel on the keyboard works fine.

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    Re: using expressions


    This seems strange and we\'ve never heard of this type of problem before. Is there any MIDI data already embedded in your tracks that may be causing this? It is best to call me or email me you number so I can call you. We\'ll get to the bottom of this and get you up and running.

    Gary Garritan

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