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Topic: GPO is Finally in the UK

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    GPO is Finally in the UK

    Hi Guy\'s,

    I\'m very pleased to say that we have just received our first shipment of GPO.
    Orders are being shipped out today in the order we received them from our customers.
    More units should arrive tomorrow in order to send out any remaining or outstanding customers orders.
    I know this has been a long wait for all involved, but I\'m certain you\'ll agree once you had a chance to use it that it was worth waiting for.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: GPO is Finally in the UK

    I had my copy from Time+Space delivered this morning just after 7am. Finally the long wait in the UK is over, time to catch up with what we\'ve been missing!

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    Re: GPO is Finally in the UK

    Finally got GPO on Tuesday morning and had a good session with it yesterday. I found it really easy to use and the sample content is excellent.

    I\'ve owned Halion String Edition for about a year, but after a 4 hour session sequencing strings with GPO, I found I got better results than I ever did with HSE....and of course you also get woodwinds, brass, percussion etc with GPO...

    Hope to post some music soon.

    Well done to Gary and the team for producing an inspirational product at an extremely affordable price! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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