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Topic: GPO Studio suggestion

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    GPO Studio suggestion

    I\'m enjoying GPO & GPO Studio immensely, but I have one suggestion that I think would improve GPO Studio.

    Ever noticed how when you\'re viewing a GPO Player the volume level meters don\'t move unless you\'ve selected an instrument slot that happens to be active at the time? This tells me the player volume level meters do not monitor the accumulated output of the player slots.

    Now consider that at any given moment, you may have any number of player-instrument slots active, there really is no way to monitor the cumulative output of all 64 slots accept by listening for distortion, or as I have been doing, accessing my soundcard\'s ASIO panel (I use an Edirol DA-2496 with M-Audio drivers).

    My suggestion is to, at a minimum, add volume level meters to the GPO Studio GUI (logically, to the right of the Ambience Reverb) that monitor the sound level leaving GPO Studio. What would really be helpful would be to include volume level meters next to each GPO Player as well.

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    Re: GPO Studio suggestion

    Actually this is a pretty good idea. I second the notion of an overall volume monitor within studio to prevent distortion. When you\'ve got a lot of samples going in Studio this could certainly be an issue.

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    Re: GPO Studio suggestion

    While your at it put in a switch to totally bypass the reverb.

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    Re: GPO Studio suggestion

    Mabye the UI could be \"zoomable\" to allow you to see each instance as it plays at closer to full size.
    Also, I wish that Plogue would add some basic MIDI tools like Bidule for remapping controllers and such inside the GPO Studio.

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    Re: GPO Studio suggestion

    Very cool idea, also the possibility to bypass the reverb to use more instruments, if someone has a limited workstation

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